Monday, 11 October 2010

night time blogging

So the pain isn't getting any better and is only getting worse. Looks like im going back to the hospital!

im hopefully going to see a good friend of mine who's having an operation this week and spending 10 days in hospital. It's good because she really needs it and hopefully will be much better after it as well. good luck Milly we're all thinking of you!

i dont really have much of update really and more of bitching about the government but that can wait until another time to do that. cba to do it now.

so you probably heard about the guy who fell in County Mall in Crawley. there is a group on facebook for him and some people are so selfish! He didn't commit suicide he was pushed because he had shopping and was with who i assume was his parter was with him. some people are just douchebags when it comes to this stuff and clearly have no sympathy.

im off to go play guitar hero now and i will blog tomorrow!

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